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I am a progressive Democrat who was raised in LD 15 and who has dedicated my career to fighting public corruption, advocating for education, and defending reproductive justice in Arizona. Will you help me flip our district blue?

The next election is critical: you will be hearing about Arizona's underfunded education system, our financially inaccessible health care, and our perpetually troubled foster care program. These are issues that I care about and will fight hard to fix. But make no mistake about it: these are symptoms of a bigger problem.

We will never have the education and health care our citizens deserve until we address the conflicts of interest, dark money, and corruption at the capitol.

If elected, I would introduce legislation that requires our elected officials and agency heads to disclose and divest from financial conflicts. I will reimagine honest services laws and eliminate the revolving door of politicians-turned-lobbyists that is eroding our democracy. Together we can restore honest government that works for the people.

I've built a career fighting against corruption and for education.

Now, I'm running for office because our kids deserve better.

End Public Corruption

Arizona is ranked #1 in Public Corruption. We need to strengthen ethics laws and preserve the referendum process if we want an accountable government.

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Running Clean

Julie is running as a Clean Elections candidate. This means she has agreed to forgo special interest money and high dollar contributions.

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Education First

The legislature's first priority should be the full funding of education.

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3 hours ago
Thank you @AthenaSalman, for your endorsement. @SamuelsforAZ and I are ready to fully-fund schools!

This November, let's vote for compassionate leaders who will make Arizona schools a priority. @Azld15Dems @AZHouseDems @A_DLCC @ArizonaEA @PVEAmembers #ProtectPublicEd #Edwave2018 https://t.co/Vscmv6BFDE
7 hours ago
In 2017, I met with Rep. Barto to discuss the unfair practice of suspending midwifery licenses when clients decline vaginal exams during labor (not a typo-AZ requires midwifery clients to submit to vaginal exams) She refused to hear the bill to fix it @FAMBirthTrust @BirthLawyer https://t.co/FKQWd7cFHB
13 hours ago
I want representatives who will call out waste, fraud, and abuse of taxpayers funds all year... not just in the 16 days before an election.

1 day ago
Thank you @77kizmet! Let’s go get public education fully-funded and end the conflicts of interest and corruption that caused Arizona to defund it in the first place. https://t.co/Qpjxtzv6yl
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Mary Fortney @77kizmet
Me when I see my next house already has ⁦ @SamuelsforAZ⁩ yard sign! ⁦ @JulieGunnigle⁩ ⁦ @ElectKristinDP⁩ ⁦ @AnitaMalik⁩ ⁦ @JanuaryAZ⁩ ⁦ @arizona_sos⁩
#ProtectPublicEd https://t.co/199VrkpuKO
2 days ago
Arizona, are you ready to fully-fund public education and end public corruption! Let’s get knocking! #trailblAZing #NoOn305 #AnitaNewRep https://t.co/Qk7R9wih6i JulieGunnigle photo