End Dark Money

Your legislature works for you, and you deserve to know how campaigns are being financed.  As a Clean Elections candidate, my campaign finances are an open book. I can't and won't take money from corporations, special interests, the Koch brothers, the NRA, or Russia. This should be the norm.

You should know how every campaign is financed.

For this reason, I have signed and support the Outlaw Dark Money campaign. This voter initiative amends our Arizona Constitution to require that candidates who receive more than $2500 from a single contributor or spend more than $10,000 during an election cycle disclose the source of those funds. Without this amendment, powerful, wealthy people and corporations can spend unlimited amounts of money influencing our elections, all while hiding who they are. The Outlaw Dark Money campaign is holding signature drives now to get this important measure on the ballot. Click here to find an event near you.

Ending Dark Money should be a bipartisan issue. 

But it's not. This year, Tempe voters overwhelmingly passed their own "Dark Money" ordinance. It passed with 91% of voter support.

This year, the legislature ignored the will of the voters and passed HB2153. That bill provides that cities and towns are forbidden from requiring that candidates disclose the source of their campaign contributions. Think about that for a second. Cities and towns are forbidden from even asking about the money flowing into their own elections.

You deserve to know who has bought your legislature. 

From the multimillion-dollar Dark Money campaign for Corporation Commission, to smaller races down the ballot,  Arizona is ground zero for Dark Money spending.

Let's look at one issue I care about: Payday Lending. In 2008, Arizona voters banned payday loans. At that time, the payday loan industry was charging annual interest rates of just over 400% (not a typo).  In 2017, after $21,000 in contributions to legislators, the payday loan industry scored a win with SB1316, a bill that allowed "flex loans" with annual interest rates at over 200% interest.

Sponsors received $2000, co-sponsors received $750, and rank-and-file supporters of the measure received $500.

This is status quo in Arizona and we can do better.

Please sign the Outlaw Dark Money petition. You have until June 5 and volunteers are everywhere waiting to help.

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