Education First

Education should be a non-partisan issue. Our Arizona Constitution provides for a system of elementary through university education that should be "open to students of both sexes, and the instruction furnished shall be as nearly free as possible." Over the course of the last decade, the legislature has failed to fully fund education at every level.

I was inspired by the Red for Ed movement and its spotlighting of the issues in our public schools. As the daughter of a public school teacher and former educator myself, I agree:

A vow of poverty should not be prerequisite to teaching in Arizona.

Nevertheless, when the legislature says that the money is not there, they are not kidding. Arizona has cut taxes (and corporate taxes in particular) so dramatically that there is very little left for schools. For this reason, I support Senator Farley's plan to close the $13.7 billion in sales tax loopholes to fund education. I also support the Invest In Ed initiative and a "No" on Proposition 305.



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  1. Everything Julie talks about, and what she intends to do about it, is true, and real. We need to get Julie elected so that starting with our part of the world, the system becomes a better, fairer working democracy for ALL of us!

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