We need to end the conflicts of interest in our government.

Let's elect someone who knows how.

If we can fix the corruption, dark money, and conflicts of interest, fixing all of the other issues in Arizona become easier.

Here is what I believe:

I believe...

That we will never have the quality education and health care we deserve until we address the conflicts of interest, dark money, and corruption in our government.

That education funding should always be at the top of our fiscal priorities. This means no new vouchers and no new tax cuts until we have fully funded k-12, JTED, community college, and university programs in the state.

That every human being has a right to health care and that our government has the power and responsibility to make health care affordable.

That all people deserve reproductive justice. This means that every person should have access to sex education, family planning, abortion, and respectful, evidence-based maternity care without government interference. This also means that Arizona should support family leave for all new parents.

That every child has the right to a free and accessible public education. This means that from special ed to gifted, from English language learners to historically disadvantaged populations and everywhere in between, our children deserve to have their needs met in a public school.

That science is real and that the longer we ignore climate change, the more severe the consequences will be for future generations.




Education First

Leg Council Gunnigle

Education should be a non-partisan issue. Our Arizona Constitution provides for a system of elementary through university education that should be "open to students of both sexes, and the instruction furnished shall be as nearly free as possible." Over the course of the last decade, the legislature has failed to fully fund education at every level.

I was inspired by the Red for Ed movement and its spotlighting of the issues in our public schools. As the daughter of a public school teacher and former educator myself, I agree:

A vow of poverty should not be prerequisite to teaching in Arizona.

Nevertheless, when the legislature says that the money is not there, they are not kidding. Arizona has cut taxes (and corporate taxes in particular) so dramatically that there is very little left for schools. For this reason, I support Senator Farley's plan to close the $13.7 billion in sales tax loopholes to fund education. I also support the Invest In Ed initiative and a "No" on Proposition 305.

I support:

  • Ensuring that teacher salaries at least the national average.
  • Providing Universal Pre-School and other early education programs
  • Fully funding full-day kindergarten.
  • Fully compensating classified staff.
  • Mandating that our schools be up to all safety, building, and environmental codes.
  • Fully funding career pathways.
  • Opposing the raising caps on private vouchers.
  • Supports charter school transparency.
  • Funding universities.
  • Funding debt-free community college.
  • Stop using state funds to fund the private Koch centers at the University of Arizona and Arizona State University and use those funds for public university scholarships.